Drive Your Neighbors Wild With Jealousy With Solar Patio Lights

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When is Your Next Outdoor Party? Drive Your Neighbors Wild With Jealousy With Solar Patio Lights

Did you just have a new patio put in this year? Is it ready to be used for that outdoor party you have been planning? Labor Day “Grill Fest”, Thanksgiving family dinner, maybe even a Super Bowl party idea in the works? A great idea is to investigate the use and installation of decorative patio lights. Now you probably want to know the right way to light up your patio. You most certainly want to be eco-friendly while doing this and also save money if possible. Solar patio lights are the answer for you then. They illuminate an outdoor space quite well without carbon emissions or running up your electric bill.


Scope out where you will need lighting on your patio especially in expectation of your party. This will call for maximum lighting to make sure people can see what is going on. So just draw a picture of where you want all the lights to go. Make sure to include lighting around your grill and the bar if you have one. These are the two places people will like to congregate during the BBQ party.

Now you will need to decide what type of fixtures you will be using. Some areas will call for small lighting units such as lanterns, that can even sit on a table if need be. Then other areas will call for the pole units that have some height to them. There are also decorative lighting fixtures for special effects. Don’t forget about the spotlights too either for security measures or for highlighting a decoration on the patio.

The Benefits of Solar Patio Lights

There are several benefits when using solar lights, one of which is that they do not raise your electric bill. You will not need to plug into your house’s electrical boxes when using these lights; their power source is free to you. Therefore, you can enjoy having your patio lit up without worrying about how much it is going to cost you. You will be able to relax during your party much more because you know you are saving money with these lights.


Installation is also easier with solar than with a system hooked into the electrical outlet of your house. If you installed a full wired lighting kit, it could take weeks of preparation and installation time. Basically, you would have to figure out how to wire the whole system up yourself….certainly a daunting task for most people without a specialized electrical background. Alternatively, solar lighting doesn’t take any wiring or planning for wires at all. In short order, these lights should be up and running in no time.

Another benefit would be that you are doing something that is good for the planet by using a renewable energy. resource. No emissions or carbon footprint is used when these lights are in operation. I suppose you could make the argument that a carbon footprint was used to manufacture the lights, but in all honesty, as regular average consumers, we can only do as much as we can. The good news is that this solar energy is totally clean to put in action and does not pollute the environment. So light up the green way today!

You can even get these lights with sensors on them that turn the lights on when it is dark and off when it is light out. Some have timing mechanisms on them that you can adjust for when you want them to turn on and off.

In summary, adding some wow factor to your next party using solar lighting is relatively easy and a creative way to spice up your outdoor living spaces. You will not only be adding warmth of light to your patio but you will be doing something good for the environment too. Not to mention, your perfectly placed lighting will also be the talk of your guests and encourage many compliments and discussions about your project.